The JA Yoga team will be briefed and trained in the new Covid19 infection control protocols for our Studio. Every surface will be cleaned after each class, including our bathroom facilities. We understand our professional duty in keeping each member of our community safe as we navigate this new normal together.  Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell, or have any symptoms of a cold/flu.


There are a few conditions around re-opening.  The government has put a restriction on group classes to a maximum of 10 people in a class.  The Studio room has been marked out with designated taped areas for your mat.

At this stage we will not be using props at the Studio, so you will need to bring our own mat.  You are welcome to bring any of your own props that you like to use. We have a range of second hand mats for sale for $5 at the Studio.


Please bring your own water bottle as for your safety our kitchen facilities and tea making facilities are closed.


Please sanitise your hands prior to entering the Studio. A new hand sanitiser dispenser has been installed at the top of the stairs for your convenience.


  • Classes need to be booked prior to arrival.
  • Access to change room facilities and toilets.
  • We have EFTPOS facilities.
  • Classes can be claimed with most health funds.
  • Post Covid-19 our numbers are restricted and you need to bring your own yoga mat.
  • We practice in bare feet.  You can take your shoes off and leave them outside the yoga room, but you can take your bag or valuables in.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • Feel free to bring a bottle of water.
  • Always tell us about any injuries, illnesses or issues you may be experiencing. The more we know about you, the better able we are to accommodate your needs.
  • Limit what you eat before your class. A light snack’s ok, but leave at least two hours after a big meal before your class.
  • If you’ve never done yoga before or don’t have much experience consider a Gentle Flow to start, or get right back ot the basics with our Beginner’s Class.
  • Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts. Then you can check in, turn off your phone, find your space in the yoga room, lie down and let go.
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