Yoga for strength,
flexibility and balance


Jackie expertly guides students in asana and pranayama practices, offering options for beginner and advanced practitioners, whilst always providing support and encouragement. Jackie completes the class with a beautiful deep relaxation, allowing rejuvenation and peace of mind. Jackie’s extensive knowledge of all things ‘yogic’ has given me a deeper understanding and has truly inspired me on my yogic journey.


Through my yoga practice with Jackie, I obtained strength and reminders of how to balance my life. The combination of traditional practices and common sense makes yoga accessible whist always reminding me of its broader practice.


I am 65 years young and have found yoga with Jackie to be the best treatment for my chronic back condition. My exercise regime consists of daily walking (6 kilometres) and yoga and I have never felt better. Under Jackie’s watchful eye I am becoming more flexible and find the classes so relaxing and enjoyable. My daily program set by Jackie has been an enormous help to me also.


Jackie’s yoga classes are a great way to experience yoga and reap the many benefits it provides. Jackie is skilled at accommodating both beginning and experienced students so that we all feel challenged yet relaxed. I particularly like the pace of the classes and the supportive environment she creates. Unlike at other classes, the pace and the environment of Jackie’s makes me feel like I want to go to yoga even when I don’t feel like doing much else, and I always feel great at the end.


I’ve been going to Jackie’s classes for nearly two years now and I find every class provides me with a new opportunity to improve and develop my yoga practice, the classes are always challenging and dynamic but with options for students of every level. Sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience on the teachings behind the poses, Jackie ensures students appreciate the spiritual benefits as well as the physical, this aspect has really been of great personal benefit to me.


I have been doing yoga with Jackie for a couple of years now and I always enjoy the class. I find it invigorating and fun, everyone can move at their own pace in a non-judgmental environment. Watching Jackie and listening to her clear instruction gives me a greater understanding how to move into different yoga positions. Every now and again I find I have pushed myself a little bit further than what I thought I could! My flexibility and strength have improved greatly over this time. A great way to nourish and give your mind and body some quality time. I definitely feel better after my Yoga class!!


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