Ayurveda for the Modern Yogi

 Saturday 8 May  |  2.00- 4.30pm  |  $95

This workshop will include :

An overview and history of Ayurveda 

Exploring the 3 Gunas 

Learning the 5 Elements theory 

Discovering your unique Dosha type

Learning tools to balance your Dosha 


Learning the Ayurvedic arts of :

–  Garshana (Ayurvedic dry brushing)   

– Self Abhyanga (self massage) 

– Tongue scraping 

– Kitchari Cleansing 

A/tea – Ayurvedic teas and homemade bliss balls 

Yoga Nidra

Buy tickets here:  https://jayoga.punchpass.com/classes/8142039

















































































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