Jackie Allen Yoga on Punchpass

Jackie Allen Yoga will be running classes on Punchpass for the following months as we take care and stay safe.









Class Types


A hatha-based flow class with a combination of dynamic and calming sequences. A balanced combination of sustained poses (Hatha) as well as poses flowing in a mindful progression from one to another. Attention is always given to basic alignment and therapeutic principles.  Mindfulness; observing breath and body, is an integral part of the class.  Classes are balanced so as to give you a good physical work out, and calmness to keep you balanced.


A gentle-paced, hatha-based flow class.  Asanas are practices at a slower pace and the transitions between poses is a little slower.  Mindfulness; observing breath and body, is an integral part of class.  The more gentle nature of this class is great also for beginners, but is also wonderful for experienced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking deeper into their practice.


This class is designed for those with limited movement, injuries or seniors. This class does not have the ‘flow’ element of the other classes, so if you are not a fan of Sun Salutations and the up and down of a flow class, then this class will suit you. You will leave feeling amazing.  These classes are suitable for all levels of students, including beginners but also experienced students.  


 This class is a mixture of yoga philosophy,  pranayama (breathing exercises), guided meditation and yoga nidra (yogic sleep).  

An enjoyable mix of yogic practices designed to still the mind.  You will leave this class with an incredible feeling of relaxation that will take you through a great night’s sleep.

With only 10 in our classes right now, this class books out quickly.



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